unsated (unsated) wrote in quarkxpress,

Quark Problem

My company is currently running Quark 4.1.1 in Classic 9.2.2 on G4 Macs running OSX 10.2.4.

We are saving all of our Quark docs on an Windows NT sever.

We need to upgrade our OS to use other software, but when we try to upgrade OSX to anything above 10.2.4 we are no longer able to save Quark documents to the NT server.

Does this make any sense?

I have looked on various forums and read a variety of things involving the difference between AFP and SMB protocols and how one or the other doesn't recognize resource forks.

Is this make sense?

I am only a designer and I am getting the info that an upgrade is "Impossible" from our tech guy. I would very much like to find a solution if for no other reason then to show him up.

Before anyone asks, upgrading Quark is not an option because our client wants all files in 4.
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