The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You (90_percent_sure) wrote in quarkxpress,
The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You

Hi, I'm new. And desperate.

A client of mine spec'd a job to be done in Quark 6. I delivered the high res finals yesterday, and now they want to know where the InDesign files are. (??? Why me ???)

I have the QXD saved to version 5, and went to fire up my old iMac where I have a copy of Version 5 (to open, downsave to 4, then open in InD) but the hard drive literally died right then and there. (why me, pt2) A dead mac is actually the least of my worries right now...

I am desperately searching for someone who has Quark 5, who can open the file, simply downsave to V4, send back to me. I will pay you in cash, an amazon gift certificate, mail you a quart of blood--whatever you want. I am on a Mac, but at this point I will take Mac or Windows.

Forgive me if this question is one you've seen before. Help if you are able, please! THANK YOU!
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