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Help me here; I'm stumped.

I just started working at a tabloid newspaper in pagination and "make it pretty". The layout of this paper is NOT pretty, by any standards. I've got the "pretty" thing down, but making text fit is my big bugaboo.

Their system for handling text flow is weird to begin with (every page is its own Quark document!), but the thing that is giving me fits is making text line up vertically so that all the columns have text that lines up on the bottom. The simple solution to this is to vertically justify everything. Unfortunately, that screws with the line spacing on the last column of stories. I can individually lead each column so that the text lines up at the bottom, but sometimes that looks really bad, too. Further, there's only so much kerning and tracking one can do before a story is typographically a mess. Also, the reporters are not big on having text cut and they're REALLY big on adding chunks of text to stories that already flow well vertically.

Their production schedule is so fast that I can't really tweak everything so it looks perfect. Is there a pagination and text specialist who could tell me what to do?
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Hi, I'm new. And desperate.

A client of mine spec'd a job to be done in Quark 6. I delivered the high res finals yesterday, and now they want to know where the InDesign files are. (??? Why me ???)

I have the QXD saved to version 5, and went to fire up my old iMac where I have a copy of Version 5 (to open, downsave to 4, then open in InD) but the hard drive literally died right then and there. (why me, pt2) A dead mac is actually the least of my worries right now...

I am desperately searching for someone who has Quark 5, who can open the file, simply downsave to V4, send back to me. I will pay you in cash, an amazon gift certificate, mail you a quart of blood--whatever you want. I am on a Mac, but at this point I will take Mac or Windows.

Forgive me if this question is one you've seen before. Help if you are able, please! THANK YOU!

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is there a reference/ or standard for how to use Quark for editorial? i design in Quark and it annoys me when my editor bitches about how i do stuff (like fix the copy he screwed up). he kees saying i was taught wrong and i keep saying i was never taught any of this.

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two quark 6.0 questions:

1) i have a book with 100 chapters. i'm synchronizing all styles to a master chapter, but i want to update the master pages on 99 chapters to use the master pages of the master chapter. this is stupidly easy in framemaker, but i can't find a "synch master pages" or anything checkbox.

2) there is a SERIOUS green color shift to my images when i import them into quark. here we see the image in photoshop (right) and on the quark page (left) what's going on?

thanks a bunch for your time and expertise.
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QuarkXPress demo installation issue

Hello guys,

I have an issue with installing XPress 7.0 trial on my windows xp pro machine. Basically, the demo version I downloaded and unpacked won't install. After running setup.exe and letting it unpack files etc it will disappear for a minute and then bring up the installation dialog with only "finish" option enabled saying: "the wizard was interrupted before QuarkXpress 7.0 could be completely installed".

Any ideas?