Novanglus (novanglus) wrote in quarkxpress,

Quark 7.01 MacBook crashes

SO I got tired of trying to do nice typography with word processors and finally decided to give in and plunk down a lot of money to buy a brand new copy of Quark 7.01 Universal Binary for my new MacBook.

I'm really beginning to regret it.

I ran the installer, which worked fine, and then tried to open the program. Crash. Tried to open again. Crash. It wasn't even possible to get the thing open much less usable.

I call the help line and get a huge runaround that made me very aggravated, so I emailed a report instead. To their credit they did answer in a few hours and said I needed to create an empty preferences folder in the application folder. (There's a high tech bug for you: the application is crashing because it doesn't know what to do when a folder is missing.)

So I create the empty folder and viola, Quark opens. I type a few lines to test it and then Save, and ... Crash. Reopened and tried another save ... crash. Now it will open, but trying to save a file always causes a crash.

I've put in another report and am waiting for a reply. This is the junkiest piece of software I've used in a long time.
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