The Strongest Man In The World (fatherbingo) wrote in quarkxpress,
The Strongest Man In The World

Meadows' Tab Grabber in Quark 6.x on an Intel Mac...

My job just upgraded my workstation to a new Intel Mac.
I'm still using Quark 6.52.
One of my most used extensions, Meadows' Tab Grabber, doesn't work on Intel Macs. Here's the official email from support:
The problem you are seeing is related to the QuarkXPress application
running under Rosetta emulation on an Intel Mac.

You are not the only client experiencing this difficulty, and the programmers are scheduled to look into these issues. But I have no quick fix or workaround for this issue.

If we determine that we can address this problem, then we will post another release when it has been resolved. Problem is: platform is unsupported by the application.

Quark 6 is not a Universal Binary and is not Intel compatible. If the problem is not being caused by the Grabbers, then there are no changes we can do to resolve it.

Feel free to email me for information periodically, I will try to do an update email when I have a determination on this.

... is there anything out there that works like the Tab Grabber and will work on my machine? I've become addicted to it.

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