The Strongest Man In The World (fatherbingo) wrote in quarkxpress,
The Strongest Man In The World

looking for a Quark 6.5 xtension.

I need to create an appendix for a document that explains all the details about the style sheets used. So I'm looking for a Quark xtension that will spit out the names and descriptions of them all (see image below).

Any ideas?
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You can try searching The PowerXChange ( for "style sheet" and see if anything does what you want, but you could also use "collect for output"--the output report contains descriptions of all style sheets, and you can copy them out of there (and that doesn't cost anything extra).
Wait, THAT'S what's in the log? Do you know how many times I've collected for output and never bothered to read the thing?

Awesome. Thanks!
It also has a list of all the xtensions/plug-ins used; a list of all images, their types, their resolutions, the percentage at which they are used, etc.; and a few other things I cannot recall. But it does have definitions for all style sheets, although not in paragraphs. Try creating one and see if it has what you need.
This one costs bucks, but it's outrageously useful:

Gluon's SpecTackler ($199) is an XTension for QuarkXPress 4, 5, 6 or 7 that places a description of the fonts, pictures, colors and style sheets used in a document directly on the page, complete with arrows pointing to where they are used. Any text that has been manually changed to be different from the original style sheet is also noted. It can also create a summary of all style sheets in the document and place it on the pasteboard, making it easy to see exactly how the document was constructed. It also lists all colors and pictures, and can automatically place picture information either onto or below pictures.