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quarkxpress's Journal

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design and layout pros
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Welcome to the QuarkXPress LiveJournal community!

Contrary to what the title suggests, this community is not necessarily limited to only the discussion of QuarkXPress. Any aspect of computer-based design relating to the use of the QuarkXPress software program is acceptable, as well as Adobe's rival layout software, InDesign.

Here, users of all sorts of programs are welcome to discuss anything from layout principles, artistic persuits, design accomplishments, stressful deadlines, irritating co-workers or fellow students, and such.

I, for one, absolutely love it when other people post examples of their own work. I think it is neat when other people can showcase some examples of their design and creative talent. So please, feel free to do so, and contribute to a forum dedicated to creative inspiration.

And like I mentioned before, QuarkXPress is just one tool in an array of resources used by the modern graphic design artist. Many other programs are also used frequently, such as PageMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, and many other software products and components, not to mention discussion surrounding the verious third-party plug-ins and x-tensions.

In addition, feel free to also talk about technologies, trends, and other stuff.

Or even just plain talk about computers and their various creative possibilities.

I am also a HUGE font nerd, so the discussion of typefaces or typography is also hugely encouraged. ;)

This community was created and maintained by me, underthebridge.

I'm currently an art student studying design at the Kansas City Art Institute.

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